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Regularly helping Ogden, Utah clients free themselves from overwhelming debt.

Regularly helping Ogden, Utah clients free themselves from overwhelming debt.

I am David M Cook and I have helped clients throughout Weber County clear themselves of the heavy burden of overwhelming debt. I counsel with clients about their best options and help them by filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies on their behalf. Few if any attorneys throughout the state have deeper, more meaningful experience than myself at effectively getting families and individuals on the path to financial stability.

Bankruptcy in Ogden Utah

The recent recession and economic downturn hit Ogden area families hard. Overall Utah has seen a near three fold increase in bankruptcies pre-recession versus the last 3-4 years. Ogden has followed a similar path and many families in Weber County are struggling to make ends meet. Though bankruptcy might not be right for everyone with debt, there are so many headaches, so much tragedy, and so much lost assets that could be avoided if only a proper bankruptcy had been filed early enough. As a thoughtful, experienced adviser I can help you and your family walk through your options and understand just how a bankruptcy will affect you.

Many of you who are living in Ogden or surrounding areas like Riverdale, Uintah, Pleasant View, Hunstville and Roy are affected by these hard times. I would encourage you to give me a call so we can get started clarifying your options and getting you on financial track while working to save your home, your cars and your other assets from creditors.

Saving Families’ Assets in the Ogden Area

Did you know that as of this writing there were an estimated $120 million worth of homes that were in some stage of foreclosure in Ogden itself. That does not even include the non-home assets such as cars, boats, RVs and other valuable assets that are under threat of repossession nor does it include other cities in Weber County and the surrounding area. The potential loss of assets to Ogden and nearby residents is staggering. Not all of them can be saved but a substantial portion could easily be saved or even returned to owners under U.S. bankruptcy law.

I recognize that unemployment, injury, illness, divorce, unscrupulous tactics by business large and small, and other unforeseen events may plunge you into serious financial situations. I also know that that is the reason our country developed a bankruptcy system that understood these events can happen and could give the victims of hard times a path to restore their financial status.

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