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A Veteran Bankruptcy Attorney Serving Provo Utah

My name is David M Cook and I’ve been a bankruptcy attorney serving residents of Utah Valley for nearly 20 years. Every day I wake up knowing that my job is to help those who’ve found themselves in a challenging financial position get back on their feet and on the path to financial stability. Usually those I work with have had some form of unforeseen financial catastrophe impact their lives.

Whether you’ve experienced the loss of your job, illness or injury, a divorce, the loss of a loved one, abusive business practices by a predatory company or virtually any financial stress that can cause debts to mount and the burden of creditors to weigh you down, I can provide you sound advice and the expertise necessary to understand your options. Bankruptcy is not for everyone but in so many cases it can prevent financial loss that should otherwise not occur.

Provo and Utah Valley Have Been Affected by the Economic Downturn

Did you know that in 2006 in the Federal District of Utah there were approximately 5,363 bankruptcy filings, while in 2012 there were an estimated 23,611. Yes you read that right, more than four times the number of bankruptcies. Provo, Orem and the surrounding area have felt the struggle along with the rest of the state. In fact, right now there are 235 homeowners in Provo whose home is in some stage of foreclosure. There are numerous more who, often through sad misfortune, are also facing repossession of cars and other vehicles, garnishment of their wages and the ongoing weight of regular harassing calls from creditors.

I can help Provo residents navigate the difficult path of managing overwhelming debt. I have years and years of experience representing Utah Valley residents as they go through the bankruptcy process. I have saved homes, saved vehicles, saved valuable family possessions and more through the legal application of U.S. Bankruptcy law. Many who are under the extreme burden of debt are unaware that bankruptcy can often enable you to stop a foreclosure or a repossession and can even give you the chance to recover a vehicle that has already been repossessed.

As a Knowledgeable Provo Bankruptcy Attorney I Can Help

Creditors are relentless in their pursuit and understanding your full rights when it comes to how our country’s bankruptcy laws work can give you a leg up. If you are being pursued right now, I encourage you to pick up the phone and give me a call. As a long term bankruptcy lawyer, I will help you determine how most effectively to approach your debt situation and come out on the other side in the best shape possible.