West Valley Bankruptcy Attorney | David M Cook

Working to save clients assets and help them overcome their debts.

Working to save clients assets and help them overcome their debts.

A Seasoned West Valley Bankruptcy Attorney

West Valley is feeling the effects of the recent economic downturn like most of the state and many residents could benefit from a qualified West Valley bankruptcy attorney. My name is David M Cook and there are few if any bankruptcy attorneys in the state who have as much experience and have filed as many bankruptcies as I have. The number of homes I have saved and the number of repossessions I have stopped while representing my clients is too difficult to even count.

Focusing on Bankruptcy as an Attorney Makes a Difference

Most attorneys that you will talk with about bankruptcy will also have many other areas that they practice in. I on the other hand have focused my nearly twenty years exclusively on bankruptcy and consumer debt law. That means that I know the law and it’s nuances extremely well. It means I know the methods we can use to save your home, your cars and your other assets better than almost any other attorney in the state. I have worked with numerous residents of West Valley and have helped them navigate their way through the maze of debt and creditors that has become their life. I have seen them to the other side of that debt happier, more carefree and more able to cope with the stresses of life because they have created a new start.

West Valley Has Suffered From the Poor Economy

Utah has generally fared better than most of the country in terms of the economic downturn but that does not mean that there hasn’t been a significant negative impact to residents. Though we’ve fared better we’ve still struggled significantly under the economic burdens of the last few years. West Valley City is still far from the pre-recession day lows in unemployment that reached nearly three percent. West Valley currently hovers around six percent unemployment, below the over 9 percent at the peak of the downturn but still a rate that could improve. With things looking better we hope that good financial forecasts are ahead for all.

Getting Help From a Qualified West Valley Bankruptcy Attorney

However, there are many in West Valley that are still feeling the weighty pressures of threatened foreclosure, possible repossessions and garnishment of their wages from creditors. The lingering effects on the economic health of West Valley citizens are still troublesome. As a West Valley Bankruptcy Attorney I have helped many in those circumstances get a fresh start.

If you are in such a situation I would encourage you to pick up the phone and make the call that could redirect your life. I have stopped numerous foreclosures and repossessions. I have reduced payments with the proper application of the law. And I have seen lives change dramatically when families and individuals have come out from underneath the burden of overwhelming debt.

Please call me at 801-281-3075 and let me help you get a fresh start towards a new and brighter financial future.