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Professional legal representation that saves clients thousands of dollars on a regular basis.

Professional legal representation that saves clients thousands of dollars on a regular basis.

David M Cook, A Tooele Bankruptcy Attorney of Nearly Twenty Years

I am David M Cook, a bankruptcy attorney of nearly twenty years serving Tooele residents and helping you apply US Bankruptcy law to effectively manage your debt burden. I see residents of the Tooele area regularly who have felt the bite of unmanageable debt and have helped them put together a clear plan to get back on their feet. Bankruptcy is not for all but for many it will save you large sums of money that would otherwise go to creditors.

Tooele Residents Feel the Pressure of the Recession

Last year was one of the highest years ever for bankruptcy filings in the state, a result of the economic downturn and high unemployment. There were 23,611 total bankruptcies filed the majority of which were for individuals and families. Since before the recession Tooele has seen a marked increase in families and individuals who have filed for bankruptcy. There are many families in the area who are facing home foreclosures, repossession of their cars or other assets, garnishment of their wages and the ongoing pressure of regular calls from creditors and collection agencies looking to squeeze every last dollar from them.

I am an attorney who understands that hard times can hit us all. Unemployment, divorce, spurious business practices by unethical companies, illness, and injury are all examples of occurrences that can push a family over the financial edge. Many of us just don’t have the wherewithal to handle these types of events. If you are a Tooele resident considering your options under overwhelming debt, think on what a bankruptcy might enable you to do. It could help stop foreclosure or repossessions. You may be able to eliminate 2nd and 3rd mortgages if you have negative equity. You may be able to reduce interest rates on secured debts giving you the ability to cover your payments where currently you cannot.

Bankruptcy is not the answer for everyone but consulting with me as a professional Tooele bankruptcy attorney may be one of the smartest choices you can make. Our great country put together laws that allow those who find themselves unable to manage debt restart their lives and work out a plan that allows them to find peace.

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I am ready to help and I have worked with many in situations similar to you in the past. I know how to personalize my approach to your specific needs and debt situation so that you can get back on the path to financial stability.