Salt Lake City Bankruptcy Attorney

Regularly saving clients thousands of dollars in assets from being lost.

Regularly saving clients from losing thousands of dollars in assets.

A Salt Lake City Bankruptcy Attorney with Nearly Twenty Years Experience

I am David M Cook a bankruptcy attorney with nearly twenty years experience helping residents of Salt Lake City and the surrounding metro area reclaim their financial security.  My years of service to those who’ve found themselves in the mire of creditor calls, collection agency harassment and threatened garnishments, repossessions, foreclosures and other claims against their assets has given me a vast store of wisdom and knowledge.  I know how to handle even the worst financial situations in a way that can help you recover quickly and restore your life, your credit, your peace of mind and your confidence in the fastest way possible.

Bankruptcies in Salt Lake City

Did you know that as of the writing of this article there were 3,035 homes in Salt Lake City that were in some stage of foreclosure including default, bank owned foreclosures and auctions.  This means that 3,035 families are in the process of having their lives disrupted dramatically as they struggle to relocate, find a new place to live and handle all of the ongoing stress associated with a foreclosure.  Many of those 3,035 families should never have to actually experience the demands a foreclosure makes on a family.  In the right circumstances they could use US Bankruptcy law to avoid the foreclosure, keep their home and rebuild their financial future with a new start.

The are also numerous families in Salt Lake City and surrounding cities who are feeling the heavy toll of ongoing wage garnishment, threatened repossessions and creditors who are constantly calling, mailing and aggressively pursuing them to satisfy a debt.  The current amount of assets that represents to Salt Lake City residents and in cities nearby is staggering – over $500 million if estimates by RealtyTrac, an information service, are correct.  That is a tremendous loss to numerous families.  Again, a properly filed and managed bankruptcy could be a solution for a large number of families who take the time to look at their options and not let the creditors and collection agencies alone determine their fate.

Bankruptcy As A Fresh Start

To the average Salt Lake City resident, a bankruptcy may sound like a drastic solution, but for many it is actually the turning point in their financial fortunes.  It can create a point at which a family is able to set new goals, put forth a financial plan that makes sense and work towards financial security in a way that is just not possible when creditors, repossessions, garnished wages and foreclosures are a constant threat.  A bankruptcy can be that moment when the clock is reset and you can catch your breath to move forward with new energy and hope.

Why Hiring An Attorney Can Be The Difference

Filing a bankruptcy in Salt Lake City can be a tedious, time consuming and risky process that should only be undertaken by someone who has an extensive knowledge of the law and it’s implications for local residents.  Selecting an attorney who has spent years and years becoming familiar with that process is a smart move and one you will not regret.  The assets and headache that can be saved, the speed with which a solution can be found, and the security of knowing that the process is being handled by a seasoned professional are just some of the benefits.  In addition it should be clear that with the right lawyer, you will have a counselor and advocate who sees the world from your perspective and will represent your interests firmly and thoroughly as you negotiate the process.

Salt Lake City Regularly Sees Citizens Restart Through Bankruptcy

In a typical year, about one half to one percent of Salt Lake City residents go through the process of filing for bankruptcy.  It is not unusual for someone in the right circumstances to save thousands of dollars in assets that could have been lost when they hire an attorney who can apply the law on their behalf.  Avoided repossessions, foreclosures, wage garnishment and the like can mean money in the bank that would not have otherwise been their for someone who files a bankruptcy properly.

If you have questions, I have the knowledge you need to walk you through your options. Please call me at 801-281-3075 or toll free at 1-800-717-2895 and we can get started walking you through your options.